Introducing Machine Bio

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David Marash

CEO, Co-Founder, Head of Scientific Development

David Marash graduated from Claremont Mckenna College with dual degrees in Biology and Government. He then spent three years in various industry positions including roles at Stanford School of Medicine, NASA, and Oncomed Pharmaceuticals. After this, David returned to Claremont to obtain a Masters of Science in Biopharmaceutical Processing at Keck Graduate Institute. During this time he worked on projects with industry leading pharmaceutical companies including the most clinically advanced cell-free therapeutics company, Sutro Biopharma, where he delivered a disruptive process improvement that was adopted by Sutro for further development. He is currently the CEO and Head of Scientific Operations at Machine Bio and has been leading our research efforts and will act as the Principal Investigator


Alexander Hilbert

Co-Founder, Head of Product Development & Business Development

Alexander Hilbert has a  B.S. in Biological Sciences from Arizona State University and a Masters of Business and Science in Biotech Management from Keck Graduate Institute. He has worked on multiple strategic product planning and market research projects for various major pharma and biotech companies in areas including therapeutics, diagnostics, and research tools. Drawing from his hybrid science-business background, he takes the technical, science-based work and translates it into specific business objectives and outcomes. Alex brings experience in market research, new product planning, and financial modeling to the team.

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Naman Shah

Co-Founder, Head of Program Management & Business Operations

Naman Shah has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and Business Data Analytics from Arizona State University and an MBA in Project Management from Louisiana State University. His experience is in consulting project management where he has successfully managed multimillion-dollar budgets, large teams of over twenty members, and increased revenue growth by several million dollars over two years in his previous role. In addition to his managerial experience he has a background in non-profit fundraising.  Naman oversees the company’s strategies and translating them into actionable, achievable milestones to lead Machine Bio to operational excellence.


Susan Daniel

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Susan Daniel is the Department Chair at the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Cornell University. She leads a research group of biomolecular engineers working to understand cell membrane functions and the biological processes that happen within them. Her group pioneered the use of “cell-free” biomembrane platforms for re-creating cellular processes on chip. Her group’s recent work leverages biomembrane chips for synthetic cellular biomanufacturing in “organelles-on-a-chip” to produce therapeutic biomolecules. She is one of the few experts in both cell free systems and supported lipid bilayers. Susan and her group’s research has garnered a number of scientific recognitions. She is the recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2011, the Schwartz Life Sciences award in 2016, and in 2017, Susan was honored with the College of Engineering’s Research Excellence Award.

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Skip Sanzeri

Strategic Advisor

Skip Sanzeri is a venture capitalist and serial entrepreneur. He is a founder and partner at Multiverse Capital and also recently founded two quantum computing companies, QuSecure and Quantum Thought. Skip has had five successful exits, including one IPO. Skip also co-authored The Quantum Design Sprint, a book which outlines methodologies to develop quantum computing applications. Earlier in his career, he helped grow the IAC division of Ziff-Davis publishing to $250 million, after which he helped sell IAC to Thomson Publishing. Skip continued his entrepreneurial career with Sequoia Capital-backed Quote.com, which was acquired by Lycos. He then founded and funded the first open-source strategy firm – Open Source Group, which sold to Olliance, Inc, and invented Alersense the world's first air quality sensor for people with allergies and asthma. Skip earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics from Claremont McKenna College and a Master’s in Public Administration from the College of Notre Dame.

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Noah Mesel

Legal Advisor

Noah Mesel is a technology business lawyer with a proven track record of working effectively with executive teams in software and communications hardware companies in Silicon Valley. He has experience managing complex international strategic alliance and sales transactions, handling crisis management and corporate development, overseeing human resources and working closely with public company boards of directors allows him to analyze key corporate issues with the broad perspective of a seasoned business leader.