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Revolutionizing Protein Synthesis Solutions

Machine Bio is a biotech company offering unique protein synthesis and purification solutions.


Our Innovative Technology

Machine Bio is an early stage biotechnology company developing a novel, proprietary protein synthesis platform that can produce pure protein from a DNA template in a easy-to-use, single-step, 4 hour process. Proteins are broadly used in many industries and Machine Bio’s platform has a range of possible applications across drug discovery and development, synthetic biology research, industrial enzyme optimization, and commercial therapeutic manufacturing.


The Machine Bio Team

Our team of staff and advisors are individuals with diverse and synergistic skill sets including technical, scientific, and business expertise.

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David Marash

Co-Founder, CEO, & Head of Scientific Development

Alexander Hilbert

Co-Founder, CPO, & Head of Business Development

Naman Shah

Co-Founder, COO

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Susan Daniel

Scientific Advisor

Linda Randall

Scientific Advisor

Skip Sanzeri

Strategic Advisor